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Tandem Jump

It is a variation of conventional skydiving. The Instructor is harnessed together with the person.


Photos & Videos

We provide full video and photo service during your entire jump experience.


AFP Course

Learn about the Accelerated Free Fall program we offer.


Tandem Course

Learn about the Tandem Instructor Certification program we offer.


 How safe is to jump from an airplane? Our instructors are evaluated and certified by the www.uspa.org. Our pilots are certified and tested by the DGAC of Mexico SCT. Our skydiving teams are qualified and acknowledged by the most secure and worldwide recognized www.unitedparachutetechnologies.c om. SIGMA is the equipment we count on and use. We also have AAD (automatic activation system) as an additional safety precaution. Are there any physical requirements? As in any sport, being in good physical condition is suggested and recommended. Please consult your physician if you are on medication prior to booking your jump. Throughout the years of skydiving; the tandem jump was created to give people the opportunity to jump without having the responsibility of landing safely. We do everything for you to make certain your sky diving experience is a fun one! We have 12,000 jumps experience. We have jumped with children from the ages of 7 through 98! And with weights of 20 kilos to 130 kilos. Do I need to book a reservation? We suggest that you do this as it will guarantee your space. We request 500 pesos as a non-refundable deposit. Be prepared to postpone your jump if unfavorable weather conditions exist. We cannot jump in such weather. Read more 





SkyDive Vallarta

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We invite you to enjoy the best experience of your life; full of adrenaline and entertainment without any worries. Our instructors are certified by USPA, the most recognized skydive association in the world.



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